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Subscription Box

elfen hardd monthly subscription personalised jewellery

My monthly Personalised Jewellery subscription boxes make the perfect treat for yourself, or even a handy way of getting a constant supply of original gifts to give to others!

This service is unique, in that each month, you will receive items that have been handmade for you, based on answers you give to a monthly pop quiz! This way your surprise is still a surprise, but with an individual twist, just for you :)

Due to their individual nature, I am keeping my subscription boxes incredibly exclusive, capping at 20 subscribers total for its initial launch period. This is to ensure that nobody is disappointed as every order must be made to demand each month. With time these numbers may increase, but I don't know when that'll be!

Boasting two unique pieces each month, the Luxe subscription box offers the most choice and value for money of the two subscription packages I currently offer. If you need to save a little cash, however, I also offer a mini-subscription with one item per month. For more details see below!

elfen hardd loxe monthly subscription box
Luxe Subscription - £30 a month Mini Subscription - £20 a month