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It's another new addition to the store this month, as I reintroduce the Bar Necklaces I used to sell over two years ago! Wow. It still surprises me that time is going by this quickly!

Personalised bar necklaces have always been a really popular choice. I think it's because they're such a simple option - you don't get quite so dazzled by tonnes of space to add words to, so you're limitations (regarding space at least) help you to come to a decision more easily.

The old "Bar Necklace"

My old designs were a little more curvy than their re-release, and they were only available in silver. I never thought I'd like the squared-off rectangle look so much, always playing it safe and smoothing every. single. corner. But I have to say that the cleaner lines of this shape give a really pleasing effect :) 

The Bar Necklace in Brass, £20 + P&P

All the necklaces are held on a Sterling Silver chain, whether the bar is made from Silver, Brass or Copper.

The Bar Necklace in Copper, £20 + P&P

As always, any inscriptions can be written in your choice of font, and could be a name, a date, Morse Code, a map reference, or anything at all that will fit on the space.

The Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver, £25 + P&P

All items come packaged in a gift box and linen bag at no extra cost. 

I'm so happy to see these necklaces back in my store, and I hope you are too! Let me know what you think, and what would you have inscribed on these little beauties?

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