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My No Tricks Policy

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I started to write a little section in all of my shop listings recently, and it mentions my "Strict 'No Tricks' Policy". Since then I've had a few customers mention it in passing, some asking what I mean, but most giving it a little nod of approval.

I thought I'd write a little today about what this policy means to me, and what it means for you, as a customer.

Let me give you a scenario - you go shopping online for a personalised ring, and find a beautiful silver band for £20. "Awesome!" you think, "that's right in my budget." 

You start to enter your details and go through the process the shop has laid out for you.

What size is your ring? Size T? Oh, sorry, that'll be an extra £10. More silver, you know. (actually, the difference between sizes is mere millimetres but few jewellery shops will tell you that.)

Okay, no matter, you accept it and move on. It's still in your budget. What's next?

Personalisation! Do you want a message inside your ring? That'll be a £12 personalisation fee, please.


A message outside, too? Ooooh. That's going to cost you, madame. 

Before you know it, the ring you wanted cost you over twice the price advertised! You have a moment of realisation - you've been duped! The seller was advertising at the lower cost just to fish for you, and now you're about to pay a premium price for the ring pictured on the advert. It's out of your budget, and you remove it from your cart, time and energy wasted.

I've been there as a customer myself, and as a result, I despise these tactics and I do my very best to stay away from them wherever I can. There are some instances where I have a genuine need to charge a small amount extra for an item - cases where multiple tags are added to an initial necklace, for example. But wherever I can avoid it, I do. 

All my items which can be personalised are charged at the price advertised. Adding a few extra letters doesn't take me long, certainly not enough to warrant overcharging you for the benefit! The longest part of making a piece is by far the preparation and polishing - the personalising part is often the quickest, even in cases where I'm inscribing whole quotes! So charging extra "labour" charge feels dishonest in my case.

So, my "No Tricks" Policy means just that - what I advertise is what's for sale. If you feel I've broken this policy at any point, I urge you to tell me. I'm not perfect and I'm always doing what I can to improve, so please do get in touch and let me know.

Now with all this being said, I must do my best to make it known that I will be updating my prices at the beginning of 2019. There'll be a small increase across the whole shop. I've been undercharging for my time for a long while now, and my merchant and payment processing fees have also increased in recent years. However, my pricing system won't change. I will not charge extra for personalisation, and I'll always do my best to remain transparent with you at all times.

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