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5 Ideas for Personalising your Couple Rings

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One of the most common problems my customers have when they're ordering my silver couple rings is "What should I put on them?". I get it, I've been there. You know you want something personal, something unique, but the pressure is on! Will you think of something good enough? Will it be lame, or overused?

My general advice here is - calm down. You don't need to impress anyone, certainly not me! In fact, I never even ask customers why they inscribe certain things. It's simply not my business! 

But I understand it's a hard decision to make. So if you need some inspiration, here are 5 different ideas (all from lovely customer orders I've had in the past!) to personalise your silver couple rings, to make them special for you and your partner. 

personalised couple rings silver with dates inside

A simple, classic idea is to use a date that's important to the two of you. The day you met, your anniversary, the day you said "I love you" - whatever you want!

couple rings silver personalised with names inside

Another classic is to keep each other's names close - wear your partner's name on your ring, and they wear your name on theirs!

personalised silver couple rings each with different inscription

You could even combine both of the above, and have a name, a symbol and a date! why not be greedy, they're your rings after all! Don't forget that you can always choose to finish them both differently, so one is darkened and the other raw.

silver couple rings personalised with pet names

Back to the name idea - how about your nicknames for each other, if you have them? 

personalised quote couple rings in silver

Or perhaps you have a quote you both love, or something you say to each other every day (pictured is "I love you" in Welsh) - you could easily fit a small phrase inside a ring, so long as it's short!

As ever, you can inscribe wherever you choose to on my rings. Keep the message inside if you want it secret, or inscribe something outside the band - or both! I'm always happy to talk to you about what you want, so get in touch if you have any questions, and I'll do everything I can to help you :)

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