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How to Find your Ring Size at Home

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I'm an internet shopper, through and through. I get a little bit fed up at times of people telling me to "pop over to your local jeweller" to find out my ring size. First of all... I don't have a local jeweller!

I live in a rural area and whilst it would be easy enough for me to head to Swansea or Neath and chinwag with the sales team... I don't want to. Mostly because they're trying to sell me something!

So when you guys give me the same complaints, I hear you. We can't all be social butterflies, and some of us have a great deal of difficulty organising a visit to a jeweller for other reasons. So I recently designed a printable ring sizer that you can download and use at home, to give you a little peace of mind when ordering your rings.

secret message ring sterling silver personalised by  elfen hardd

When printing the sizer, make sure to follow the instructions! If your printer resizes the file then you could end up with a ring far too small or large! So long as you double check the measurements (160mm & 45mm) printed on the sheet with a ruler, you'll be fine. 

I really hope this helps you to have a little peace of mind when ordering your personalised rings with me. If you'd like to ask me any other questions, please let me know anytime!



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