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Ho Ho... Uh Oh! Santa Can't Get In!

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Is your house missing a fireplace? Not to worry! As we all know, you don't need a fireplace for Santa to get into your house on Christmas Eve - you just need one of his Magic Santa Keys!

Luckily for you, Santa's entrusted me with a big batch of them, and he's asked me to make them extra special.

personalised magic santa key in copper

I really hope Santa loves these as much as I do! I first made Magic keys back in 2014, and unfortunately, my stock of keys ran out very quickly. After that I didn't bring the magic keys back into stock, so they've been absent from my website for some time.

personalised magic santa key in aluminium

Every key is unique in many different ways! I refuse to touch premade 'magic keys' (which are usually made with poorly plated aluminium or copper and will likely flake next year!) and instead use only antique door keys, which not only helps to add a rustic vibe but also means that these keys are made to last. I can't offer a way to choose the specific design of your key, but they are all of a similar size (2-4 inches) and all made with iron or steel.

personalised magic santa key in brass

To set the antique key apart from the others, I make a solid hoop to attach it to, as well as a few different 'tag' charms. One is larger and can hold a message, whilst the other small tags are meant for your child's (or children's - you can add more!) names - but remember, this is all up to you, so you can put whatever you like on them 😊

Both the key and charms are attached to the hoop with soldered rings - they won't be going anywhere! My ultimate aim is to see photos from you guys in ten years time with the caption "Still going strong!" 😁

personalised santa magic keys

If all this wasn't enough personalisation for you, I'm also giving you a choice of two Christmasy ribbons to hang your keys with. This will come untied so you can tie it around something or hang it in a bow, or turn it into a Christmas Tree decoration.... whatever you want!

I'm so excited to see these come back in stock, and I hope you are too! You can find all the keys in my Seasonal Christmas Collection


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