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Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a lovely break and that you spent some good quality time with your nearest and dearest. I feel so refreshed after my little break, and I'm raring to go again, firing on all cylinders and so on. My order book is open, changes are happening, and plans are underway for the shop this year, so I'm going to share some of the biggest changes and plans here for you all. 

elfen hardd open for 2019 taking personalised gift orders again

So of course, first of all, my shop is open again. A huge thanks to those of you who've been in touch over the past week - I'm so sorry I couldn't open back up sooner but I really needed that extra bit of time to work on some of the updates I needed to apply moving forward for 2019. thank you so much for your patience x

New Prices, Packaging & Postage Costs

At the end of last year, I mentioned that there would be a few pricing changes in 2019. This is because I haven't increased my pricing in over three years, and I've reached a point where my own time, and the costs of merchant fees and maintaining my equipment aren't being covered. Coupled with a nasty surprise in packaging I had at the end of last year, which led to me paying for small parcel delivery instead of large letter, it's safe to say this was a little overdue! 

That being said, I don't like to just hike prices up with no reason, and so I've made a few changes to both keep my prices reasonable for you as a customer, and still satisfy my needs financially. So before I ramble for too long, here's what's changing:

  1. Gift wrapping will no longer be included in the price. This is because my packaging supplier discontinued the thinner boxes I liked to use, and so it costs me more to post boxed items now. Instead, items will all come in a thinner pillow box for free, but my usual box & linen bag gift packaging will cost an additional £5 gift wrapping fee.
  2. As opposed to the £2.95 additional fee I used to charge, I now send everything for free in the UK! Any gift wrapping fees will cover the additional postage required, so selecting this option will not incur any additional postage fees.
  3. My prices across the site have increased by a small amount. For a clear comparison, let's break it down with a few examples!

Alternative Morse Code Ring

personalised morse code ring jewellery ukIn 2018, my morse code rings cost £23 plus P&P, which was £25.95 in total.

In 2019, my morse code ring now costs £29.99, including postage and packaging.

Silver Couple Rings

personalised silver couple rings jewellery ukIn 2018, my silver couple rings cost £40 for the pair, and qualified for free shipping (over £30)

In 2019, my silver couple rings now cost £46.99 for the pair, including postage and packaging.

Mixed Metal Family Tree Necklace


copper family tree necklace personalised jewellery uk

In 2018, my copper family tree necklace cost £20 plus P&P, which was £22.95 in total.

In 2019, my copper family tree necklace now costs £26.99, including postage and packaging.

I hope that this should help to avoid as much confusion as possible for you as a customer, whilst also allowing me to continue making beautiful gifts and jewellery without worrying about covering my basic running costs! 

Elfen Hardd new pillowbox packaging 100% recyclable

Subscription Boxes

The next, and potentially biggest, piece of news is that this is the year that I'm going to launch my new Subscription Boxes! I'm so excited, I've spent so much time over Christmas obsessing over every little detail, that I can't wait to put them all into action. Thank you so much to those of you who have shown interest already, I'll be sure to share more news with you very soon! For any of you who are interested, be sure to hop over and sign up to receive updates!

That's all for now, if you have any questions or comments please do feel free to share with me any time. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all a happy and fun-filled new year!

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