Father's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

Ria Rees

Father's Day is fast approaching and my order book will be closing on the 10th of June! If you're stuck for ideas and worried you'll miss the big day altogether, read on for my tips on the most popular gifts for Fathers in my shop right now.

Cuff Bracelets

personalised brass cuff bracelet

Cuff Bracelets in Copper, Aluminium or Brass, £12.50 - £15.00 plus shipping

A cuff bracelet gives you the benefit of lots of space, so you can fit in a longer message to your father - if you choose a bracelet which is personalised on the inside, you can even keep it a secret message between just you and him. Cuffs are available in copper, brass and aluminium.

Bar Keyrings

personalised aluminium bar keyring

Bar Keyrings in Copper, Aluminium or Brass, £12.50 plus shipping

Ever the popular staple of my shop, my bar keyrings give you four sides to personalise - you could add a name to each face of the bar, or have a message that you read as you turn it over. Check out my Facebook page for inspiration from customer orders! Bar keyrings are also available in copper, brass and aluminium.

Initial Cuff links

personalised sterling silver cufflinks

Initial Cuff links  in Sterling Silver, £40, free shipping to the UK

Stylish and simple, these cuff links are made with Sterling Silver, making an ideal gift that he'll treasure for many years to come.

Guitar Pick Necklace

personalised sterling silver guitar pick necklace

Guitar Pick Necklace in Sterling Silver, £25 plus shipping

For the musical dad, I make personalised guitar picks which you can give alone or on a chain for him to wear. You can inscribe both sides or just one, and the space allows for a short and sweet message.

Silver Tie Bar

personalised sterling silver tie bar

Sterling Silver Tie Bar, £25 plus shipping

Also simple and stylish, my tie bars are made from Sterling Silver and hand forged into a solid clip after stamping. Make it personal by engraving his initials on the front, and a short sweet message from you on the back!


I hope this post has given you a little inspiration for gifts you can give this Father's Day. My order book closes on the 10th June so be sure to get your order sent in time for shipping!

x ria




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