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Family Tree Necklaces - Customer Showcase

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Another month means another chance to take a look at what my customers have been making with my designs! This month is a great opportunity to show my Family Tree Necklaces, which, by the way, make an excellent gift for any Mothers out there. Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink.

Whilst these images are all fairly similar, as they all share the thread of family or children's names on the pendant, I still love seeing side by side how different fonts and amounts of text can look different on each pendant - so rather than an item by item description here, I'm just going to go ahead and ask you to think - which one is your favourite? Silver or Copper? Typecast or handwriting styled? Take a look and see!

Silver Family Tree Necklace with Melody Font

Mixed Metal Family Tree Necklace with small Deco Font

Silver Family Tree Necklace with Ballroom Boogie Font (You can add design stamps too!)

Mixed Metal Family Tree Necklace with Handwriting Font


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