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When artists are faced with a blank piece of paper, they often get a momentary feeling of panic. "What do I draw? What if it looks awful, maybe I should just not bother tonight.."

You might feel the same way when you're choosing an inscription to personalise your cuff bracelets! So to help make the decision a little easier for you, I've collected some pictures of customer orders from the past 3 years to help inspire you.

copper cuff with movie quote

A Favourite Movie Quote

If your friend is a huge fan of Jaws, or Lord of the Rings, or Wayne's World - maybe there's a quote that sums up the gift for you in a special way. Or maybe you guys just love chuckling over whether Bugs Bunny as a girl was actually all that attractive. If it makes you smile, it'll probably have the same effect for your friend!

copper cuff with poetry quote


Poems can be a great source of inspiration for personalising gifts - the quote used for the cuff bracelet above is part of a wonderful memorial poem:

Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us everyday
Unseen, unheard, but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Sometimes other people have already found the words to express what you're feeling. There's no reason to stop you from using that!

personalised copper cuff birthday present

Greetings Card Sentiments

Sometimes, just a simple "Happy Birthday!" can be enough. Don't forget you can combine this with another inscription on the outside to have the best of both worlds!

copper cuff bracelet with mantra

A Mantra or Affirmation

Words have power, and just as they can turn an item into a meaningful gift, they can also turn it into a powerful motivator and reminder of our core values. Wearing your motto on your sleeve is a wonderful way to make sure you are reminded of it often throughout the day!

copper cuff with map references

Map Coordinates

Generally done in the form of Latitude and Longitude, adding map coordinates for a special place can be a lovely way of inserting a secret message into an inscription. How about your wedding venue, or a place of birth? To find the map coordinates you need, you can use Google maps or a free tool like

As always, you can choose whatever you want to inscribe on my cuff bracelets - the choices don't end here! But I hope that sharing some of these customer orders with you has given you some inspiration. If you want even more inspiration, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, where I always share pictures of recent customer orders as well as any news, updates and special offers as they come around!


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