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This month's customer showcase focuses on the customised orders I've made on request for people recently. I used to take a lot more requests for custom items when I first started out, so it's nice to see people asking again. Often, custom orders are twists on items I already have - if you're looking for some inspiration, this is a great place to start!

elfen hardd custom designs customer showcase

I'm always adding new items to my store, many of which originally may have been ordered as a bespoke item! Questions like "Can I have this in a wider band?" "Could we have a copper version instead?" and so on often lead to new listings. There's a very simple reason for this - I have a ready-made example piece, and the inspiration given to me by you, my customers!

custom bespoke mother's necklace with birthstones

There are some pieces which are very unique though, like this necklace. I'd actually made a copper version of this originally, about four years ago, and even though it had lasted very well, its owner decided she'd like to upgrade it to silver. We even took the birthstone chips from the original pendant and transplanted them to this one! I love this little blast from my past :) 

custom bespoke silver cuff bracelet uk

This ring and cuff bracelet combination was ordered by a customer who literally hand-drew how they'd like the inscription placed. It's probably been one of my easiest custom requests to date! If you have an idea sketched out, please let me know, as it's often so much easier to describe what you want visually than in words. I won't judge you if you're more Jackson Pollock than Da Vinci - We'll keep it just between us! 😉

custom bespoke family necklace guitar pick design

This lovely family necklace was inspired by my Family Tree Necklaces, but the customer wanted to reflect how musical this particular grandad was, and so the guitar pick and the family tree were combined into one (again with a little nifty sketching back and forth!) and we ended up with this beauty. I shouldn't choose favourites, but this is easily among my favourite makes of 2018. 

If you have an idea for a piece that I don't currently stock, please feel free to get in touch and we'll see if we can make it together! If I don't have the skills to make it, maybe I'll know another jeweller who does! 

customer showcase Ideas

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